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When you’ve achieved a normal weight, but still don’t have the physique you want, Emsculpt® can help. At Revital-AZMedical Spa & Laser Center in Carefree/Scottsdale, Arizona, Mark Biliack, MD, and Rosie Andaverde, RN, offer this revolutionary electromagnetic procedure that eliminates fat cells and tightens muscles in your abdominals and buttocks. Call the office or book an appointment online to learn more about this effective, noninvasive body-contouring device.

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What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt, an FDA-approved electromagnetic procedure, provides noninvasive body contouring to men and women. It’s considered a serious advancement in the body-contouring world that provides effective results, especially when it comes to slimming the stomach or sculpting a beautiful backside. The procedure is touted as the world’s first noninvasive butt-lift procedure. 

The electromagnetic pulses drive your muscles to contract up to 20,000 times in just a 30-minute session. This is much quicker than you could ever do on your own and not achievable through voluntary contractions, so it efficiently strengthens the fibers at the deepest levels.

Due to the rapid contractions, your muscles also release chemicals that break down fat in the treatment areas. Not only do you drop fat, but you tighten up the areas so you get a toned look.

What happens during an Emsculpt appointment?

You lie comfortably on a table, and your provider hooks you up to the Emsculpt machine. You sit back and relax as the electromagnetic pulses target your muscle fibers and set in motion the burning of unwanted fat in the area.

The procedure isn’t painful, but does feel like an intense muscle workout.

How many sessions will I need?

At Revital-AZ Medical Spa & Laser Center, the team recommends you do four 30-minute sessions in a two-week period to get optimal results. It takes two to four weeks for initial results to begin showing as your body works to reconstruct in response to the electromagnetic therapy. In about three months, you’ll notice the resulting tightened muscles and destroyed fat. You continue to notice improvements in fat loss and muscle tone for six months after your treatments.

Does Emsculpt replace exercise?

Emsulpt is an addition to a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise. The device is effective at stimulating your muscles to fire, but it doesn’t provide the comprehensive benefits of a good lifting session or a cardiovascular workout. Continue to aim for a minimum of 30 minutes per day of moderate-intensity exercise to seal in your results and maintain them for the long term.

If you’re ready to get the contoured, toned physique you’ve always wanted, call Revital-AZ Medical Spa & Laser Center or book an appointment online.